April 2017

Cracking Up – Part Two

As someone who is a big believer in vitamins, I thought it only right to research vitamins and supplements that could potentially help me ensure my eggs would be numerous and of a high quality in order to have the optimum result come egg recovery day.

I have taken a multi-vitamin every day for as long as I can remember and I also take Vitamin B Complex for energy. Naturally we have both also been taking Folic Acid since we began trying for a baby, as per the advice from our GP, but I felt sure there must be something else in the organic world that could boost things along.

After doing the usual Google searches, I came across several articles promoting the use of various different supplements, herbs and vitamins that all claim to increase your egg supply, however one in particular stood out to me that I started taking immediately, and that was Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

CoQ10 is found naturally in our body’s cells, and can also be found as an antioxidant in certain foods, however many people have a deficiency of it hence why taking a supplement can be useful. It has been known to assist in various medical ailments, but most recently studies have shown the significant benefits it can have on fertility and in particular egg health.


This opinion was further substantiated in my favourite IVF book “It Starts with the Egg” by Rebecca Fett (mentioned in my previous post), which devotes an entire chapter to ‘The Power of Co-enzyme Q10’. When I bought this book I had already been taken CoQ10 for approximately 4 months so I was really pleased to discover that she also felt it was a worthwhile supplement. In particular she suggests it is highly beneficial for anyone trying to conceive who is in their mid-30’s or above or has been diagnosed with a diminished ovarian reserve.

Without going into too much scientific waffle, the main principle of CoQ10 in aiding fertility is explained in the book by Dr. Yaakov Bentov, a leading fertility specialist who states: “our thought is that it is not the egg that’s different in older women; it’s their ability of the egg to produce the kind of energy needed to complete all the processes that are involved with maturing and being fertilised”. CoQ10 provides this energy, often leading to higher egg quality and embryo vitality.

I take these tablets once a day along with my usual vitamins, and as with everything else, whether they are doing any good is anyone’s guess.

However, as mentioned in my previous post, when I had my very first internal ultrasound at the fertility clinic, it was reported that I only had 2-3 follicles per ovary, which was lower than average and not very encouraging. However, an ultrasound I had performed approximately 7 months after I first started taking CoQ10, showed my follicles had almost doubled with 5 on one ovary and 6 on the other. I guess you could argue that this could be down to anything, however I am positive that it’s a direct result of taking the CoQ10, and with every day being a challenge at the moment, that is a huge victory for us and hopefully stands us in great stead for the rest of our treatment and a positive outcome overall.


Note – You can purchase Co-Enzyme Q10 from any pharmacist, supermarket or health food shop.

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