July 2017

Shooting Stars

Another poem from my little catalogue of Infertility/IVF poetry 😊

Shooting Stars

My empty womb contracts to accept

A moment formed with trust

He described it like a shooting star

Descending into dust


It nestles in, we can only hope

Clinging with all its might

Bury, fasten and attempt to grope

I beg you please to fight


The fortnight wait is shrouded in doubt

Every tiny movement considered

The desperation to cry and shout

But every moment of hope is whispered


The red it comes like the flow of a river

The most unwelcome of any sight

How to accept without sign of a quiver

All our dreams taken away with the night


The emptiness screams silently now

Of all hopes dashed in an instant

How to repair our hearts and allow

A wish that seems so far and distant



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