October 2017

Roman the Superhero

The days following my last post saw a lot of tears, a lot of pain and many black days. Slowly but surely however the clouds started to part and we started to heal and smile again. For over a week now I have felt better. I can’t describe specifically what is different as I know we will always feel heartache about the cycle we just had, but just more like myself again. There comes a time when you can’t cry anymore, you just have to give yourself a shake and look at all the things round about you that you are so grateful for, that make you happy, and take stock of just how blessed you really are.

You will know from my previous posts how much I adore my husband Dave – worship is probably a better term. He is quite honestly the best person I’ve ever met in my life and the way he has been there for me the past few weeks despite his own feelings of utter turmoil, demonstrate how selfless and caring he really is.

But there’s someone I haven’t really mentioned much throughout this blog and I just realised what a travesty this is! Today that changes. Not only is he someone who is probably just as important to me as Dave is (ssshhh don’t tell Dave that!), he’s also my best friend, my soul mate, my confidante, my play mate and my snoozing partner. That of course is our beautiful boy Roman.

Roman is a black Labrador that we have had for almost 4 years. I have always loved dogs and when Dave and I moved out of his flat and into a home of our own I started my “I’m going to bug you until we get a dog” campaign. After almost a year to no avail I had all but given up hope when Dave announced one day he’d been thinking about it and he thought we should go for it. YAY! His two stipulations were as follows: 1. It had to be a manly dog. He didn’t want to be seen about the village walking a dog that could be mistaken for a cat, and 2. It would not get on the sofa. Well at least we stuck to one of them. After an initial search we were put in contact with Roman’s breeders who were such a lovely family. After reading some horror stories about breeders who were only in it for the money, we could see that this family genuinely loved dogs. All the dogs and puppies were happy, healthy and cared for and we were immediately put at ease by them. It’s also a lovely touch that we are still in touch with them to this day via Facebook so they can see the many, many photos I post of Roman, and we can see photos of his mum and sister who still reside with the family.

A few weeks later our little puppy came home with us and we named him Roman.

Since that day Roman has absolutely become part of our family. And not just in our house; our families and friends all absolutely love him to bits too and I dread to think what life would be like without him. The amount of fun and laughs Dave and I have with him on a daily basis really cheers us up even in the darkest times, like the ones we’ve just experienced the past few weeks.

There has been so much evidence collected in the past few years demonstrating the enormous benefits of pet therapy not only for physical ailments but also for mental health issues too. I have to say I completely agree with this. I truly believe that without Roman, I would not have managed to bounce back from the last few weeks as quickly as I have. He gives me a reason to get up every day, he is someone that I have to be responsible for, but more importantly than that he knows when I’m down and he does all he can to cheer me up. From licking the tears off my face, to resting his head on my lap or placing his paws round my neck to get a hug like he does several times a day, that dog knows me inside out, he feels my pain and he wants to make it better. I’m his mummy and I can’t go anywhere in the house without my little shadow. And for all of that, I am truly grateful for his love and companionship. To us, he is our little superhero!

Here are a plethora of photos of our darling boy, so you can all see how gorgeous he is too!






9 thoughts on “Roman the Superhero”

  1. I completely agree! We got 2 little kittens when we were going through all of our initial tests and they have been my saviours throughout our 2 failed cycles. Just having something to love that loves you back is so comforting and I really think that I would have been in a bad place for a while without them x

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  2. Aww he’s adorable. I keep trying to talk my husband into a dog as I really think it would help me in so many ways. But he’s just not keen, so I keep hitting a dead end 🙁 I’ve told him that I we don’t have children by the time I’m 40, then we’re definitely getting a dog!! ☺️

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    1. Aw do it do it!! They are saviours! Haha that’s a good bargain I think; I know it sounds silly to people who have kids but I would say having a dog is similar in some ways to having a child; it’s being responsible for something else but thankfully they don’t grow up and talk back to you!! LOL xx

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  3. So lovely to read this Rachael, and to know that Roman is giving you comfort during such a traumatic time. As soon as we met you and Dave, we knew that he was going to be one seriously spoiled and happy puppy! We love seeing pics of him on Facebook, and also keeping in touch with you. We’ve been following your blog intently and feel privileged to be sharing this journey with you. Four years on, Roman’s mum and sister are still a huge part of our family and are always up for play dates….xx

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    1. Aw thanks for your lovely comment Teresa. We definitely need to meet up for a play date soon; I’m interested to see if Roman would recognise his mum and sister – even if he doesn’t I’m sure they would have a great play about together! xx


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