November 2018

My Journey with Infertility & Mental Health

My latest blog post with ABC IVF is now live on their website and this topic is one that I’m nervous about sharing. You might look at me and think I’m the type of person who doesn’t hold anything back, and you would be right to a point. I know plenty of people who find it difficult to share things about themselves and prefer to keep things private, especially with something as sensitive and emotional as infertility. And I can completely understand why they would wish to do that. However, as I’ve mentioned many times before, Dave and I decided to open up our infertility story to the world as we hoped it might help others in the same position.

Saying all that however, there are still certain areas that I don’t share with hardly anyone, sometimes I even hide them from Dave. And that is to do with my mental health. It’s true to say that over the past few years I’ve definitely struggled, much more since the miscarriage and I often have times when everything seems very black. And I’m not ashamed to admit that.

My latest post on ABC IVF talks all about my mental health struggle and I really hope people will read it with an open mind and just remember that not everyone is the same, not everyone will handle things the way others think they should be handled. We are all configured in a totally unique way, therefore what’s easy for someone might be very hard for the next. Also if you have a friend that you think might be struggling, please just ask them if they’re ok or they want to talk. Please just be kind, always.

The link to my article isΒ here




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