November 2018

IVF & Work

My latest post with ABC IVF is now live and is all about IVF and work. For the majority of people, work is a huge part of their lives and the commitment needed for the 8-10 weeks of an IVF cycle can often disrupt that work/life balance that many people strive to get right; not to mention how the physical and emotional side effects can have a lasting impact long after the cycle is over.

For many people about to embark upon an IVF cycle, it can be a huge ordeal to have to open up to an employer about why they need time off. Employers can often be unsympathetic and whilst there are no statutory guidelines in place concerning time off for fertility treatment, they can often make things difficult for their employee. And of course it is rare that a couple will be successful after only one IVF cycle, so it can be extremely difficult to broach the subject of needing an unspecified amount of time off in the future.

I have discussed all of these issues plus my own journey with infertility and my work in my blog post here. Please give it a read and let me know if you have any experiences with this issue that you wish to share.

Rachel x


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