December 2018

What NOT to do in the 2 weeks post Embryo Transfer

I have another post now live with ABC IVF & this one is titled ‘What NOT to do in the 2 weeks post Embryo Transfer’. This was an important piece for me to write, as the way I went about things after my embryo transfer procedure differed vastly in my two cycles.

In cycle 1 I was very naive, and took every piece of information I could find and ran with it. Superstitions, old wives tales and advice from everyone and anywhere was pretty much my method. When the cycle failed anyway, I looked back and couldn’t believe how stressed I had been during those 2 weeks; restricting my diet, eating and drinking disgusting concoctions and denying myself things that would have given me comfort. By my second cycle I felt much more relaxed about things. I tore up my list, listened to advice from my fertility clinic and just tried to relax as much as I could. I meditated, practiced mindfulness, ate a healthy, balanced diet and rested when my body told me to. And of course I fell pregnant.

Despite our subsequent miscarriage, the crucial fact was that I had got pregnant. My body had actually made that leap; it had implanted our embryo and I had a positive pregnancy test for the first time in my life. In the grand scheme of things, we have to look back and be thankful for that, as it was a huge milestone.

Unfortunately IVF is not an exact science and no-one will ever know why one cycle works and another one doesn’t. It is more or less down to mother nature and a little bit of lady luck. There is nothing you can do that will fundamentally impact your outcome. However, I do believe that following some simple guidelines can ensure you have as healthy and relaxed a 2 week wait as you possibly can, and hopefully a desired result at the end of it.

To read my article please follow the link here.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading and supporting us.




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