March 2019

My experience with the hidden costs of IVF Treatment

One of the most important considerations for any couple thinking about undergoing IVF is the cost. Whilst IVF is technically available on the NHS in the UK, there are many restrictions to this. Not only have there been drastic cut-backs over the past few years so that IVF is often not available at all in certain counties, but where in the past there may have been 3 rounds of IVF available on the NHS, this may have been reduced to 2 rounds or just 1 round. It has unfortunately become a postcode lottery with some couples having to travel hundreds of miles to be able to access treatment.

Even if IVF is available in your local area, there are extensive eligibility criteria that you must meet, not to mention the horrendously long waiting lists.

Due to this, many couples turn to private IVF treatment, the costs of which can vary considerably depending on your choice of clinic and the area in which you live. In my latest post for ABC IVF I have discussed our experience with the cost of IVF treatment. You can read it here.

ABC IVF are proud to offer the lowest cost IVF treatment in the UK as well as providing all-inclusive treatment packages, so couples are fully aware what they are paying up-front, eradicating any hidden charges which can just add more stress to an already emotional and worrying time.

Anyone who is interested in discussing fertility treatment with ABC can find their website here.




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