December 2017

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to write a short post to say Merry Christmas to all our wonderful family, friends, followers and supporters. Christmas is always a time for reflection and I always feel the pressure to start the New Year with a clean slate and lots of goals and objectives, however this year we have given ourselves leave to ease slowly and gently into the New Year, with no pressures or outlandish targets, after what has most definitely been the worst year of our lives.

As is quite often the case however, bad times can often reveal good things and we are so unbelievably grateful for all the support we have received. From the minute I posted our first blog post way back in March I was inundated with messages from people telling me of their own fertility challenges, general advice or just words of encouragement and support. And that has meant so much to us. It’s definitely true that you find out your real friends when you’re going through your worst times.

I am also truly grateful for all the new friends I have made through my blog and the ‘Our Path to Parenthood’ Instagram page. Having people from all over the world who are going through the same thing as you that you can chat to at a moment’s notice is so unbelievably comforting.

This year has also reinforced just how lucky I am in my marriage. Dave has seen me at my absolute worst and has had to deal with things a lot of people just wouldn’t be able to cope with, and if anything we love each other more now than on the day we got married, if that’s even possible! Despite all the hard times, our marriage has thrived and we’ve definitely come out stronger. Nothing will ever break the unbelievable bond we have. It’s not everyone that can say that, so for that alone, I am eternally grateful.

At the moment we don’t have any firm plans for more IVF in 2018. As of now I’m still suffering after-effects from our miscarriage, so beginning another cycle doesn’t fill me with much delight, however having a child of our own is still our biggest dream so maybe after some more down-time and rest we will feel stronger and able to begin again.

So a very Merry Christmas to everyone and a huge thank you for all your support, encouragement and love. You will never know what it means to us, but this journey would be a lot tougher without you all, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Rachel & Dave XOXO

1 thought on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Just catching up and wanted to send my love. I relate to a lot of what you’ve said, especially about your marriage – I too believe that Rhys and I are stronger than ever. I wish you all the best for the coming year, and I hope that you take time to heal and mend. I’m so glad that we’ve connected through our blogs and I hope that we both find 2018 easier than 2017 was. Take care both xx

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